Art Nights 



WHEN: 3rd Thursday of every month

HOURS: 7:30 – 10:00 pm

PRICE: $25 per person

INCLUDED: art materials, wine, snacks

MORE INFO: / 305-778-1270


Our Art Nights at Art Box are unlike any other because of the educational element we incorporate into our workshops. The third Thursday of every month, we host a workshop focusing on a specific medium in which participants acquire skill, delve into art history, and practice artistic self expression. Live Model Figure Drawing, Abstract Expressionist Painting, and Intro to Printmaking are just a few of the various workshops we offer. These events are open to the public, and participants are welcome to bring their own wine and refreshments. RSVP for the next 3rd Thursday, and start finding that perfect spot in your home for a new masterpiece you’ll be hanging up!