Kids Studio Art

ages 4-12



TUES-THURS 4:30 – 5:30 PM

The studio art lessons are geared towards the students who wish to improve their technical artistic abilities. Our staff guides them through numerous lessons involving the basics of drawing, painting, sculpting, and mixed media. We understand that every work of art is unique, and every child is different and works at his or her own pace. This is something we embrace at Art Box, as we allow for the projects to be open or semi-open ended. We provide structured lessons for the group as a whole, yet if some students would like to take more time on their current project before moving on to a new one, that is perfectly acceptable. The goal is for the students to learn artistic skills and techniques, acquire knowledge of artistic styles and art history, and expand their self-confidence.

*Ages 4 -12. Open to all levels*



MON & THURS 6:00 –7:00 PM

The private art lessons are similar to the studio art group lessons, except in a one-on-one more intimate setting. This is beneficial for the students who wish to improve their skills at a more rapid pace, as all focus and attention are on them. Students have the option to bring in their own project to work on with the help of our staff, or to be assigned a project that they will be guided through. It is recommended that the private lesson students return throughout the year in order to achieve maximum results and not have incomplete projects.

*Ages 4-12. Open to all levels. Limited to 2 students at a time.*


Did you know?

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