Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me

9 months - 4 years



When: Mondays / Term of 3 weeks, 1 class per week

Hours: 1 pm - 2 pm

Price Per Term: $75

More info: / 305-778-1270

About Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Classes

At Art Box, we believe you can never be too young to enjoy the magic of art!  Our mini Picassos-in-training may be as young as 9 months old, so long as they are joined by Mommy or Daddy in our new toddler sensory program.  These weekly workshops are designed to engage your toddler’s creative thinking while strengthening fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Via storytelling, painting, drawing, printmaking, crafting, and sensory play, these workshops will nourish your child's mind and spirit with self-expression and crucial brain development to last a lifetime!