About Art Box


The idea behind Art Box was inspired by the current lack of enthusiasm in kids for hands-on, artistic activities.


Because our society is now so dependent on technology, kids spend more and more of their time on i-anything (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc). My memories of growing up do not involve smart phones, xboxes, or hours on end surfing the internet, but rather using my imagination, making messes, and having fun in real life, not through a screen! I wanted to create a space where I could not only make this possible for kids, but get them excited about learning new things.  And so came about….ART BOX!

We offer creative workshops and art lessons designed to involve the creative drive as much as possible, covering areas such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Now that our program has expanded, we are excited to branch out and offer something for people of all ages: kids, teens, and adults!  Stop by the studio, and see for yourself 🙂 XOXO